“Do not mistake thy Medicine for Food. Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food.” – Hippocrates

Apple enjoying life with her Pugalier ~ Tao!

The Food Medicine website is run by Wallis Grayson, affectionately nicknamed “Apple” of Clara’s Wholefoods.

Apple is an expert in holistic health using Whole Foods as Medicine to heal the mind and body.

Apple has trained extensively in Nutritional Biochemistry; Pathology; Disease states; Drug/Medication/Supplement Interactions; Dietary management of Life Stages and Diseases & Psychological Counselling. She is currently practicing at the Wellnation Clinic in Perth as a Student Clinical Nutritionist Practitioner & is due to graduate in October 2016.

“I am passionate about communicating holistic well being and using the latest evidence-based research to educate individuals on the medicinal properties of common whole foods which are effective in optimizing, preventing,  and alleviating many ailments.

Using this knowledge I am super confident that I can help you with your health aspirations – as big or as small as they may be

Apple xx”

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